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New European Partner

We are delighted to announce a pan European partnership with leading provider, Steltix.  Having recently been awarded an Oracle Distinguished Partner Award, and with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and South Africa, Steltix is ideally positioned to develop its security practice with ALLOut's Best of Breed toolset.

On Premise or On Cloud?

Don't confuse Cloud service offerings with Oracle Cloud!  Whilst 'Cloud' is the on point buzzword of today, are you looking at something simply available online/via the Web, or is it Oracle's cloud computing service itself?

Be assured that whether you are managing your security 'on premise' or via 'the Cloud', ALLOut works as well with either!  Fat client, thin client, online, on premise, our toolset will run on whatever your set up preference are.

When Company or Business Unit Row Security Isn’t Enough

One of our consultants worked with a client recently that had removed their Company and Business Unit Row Security because they were having issues with one-sided journal entries. The company is based in the US and
had just acquired a company in China. Now they wanted to secure their data so that employees in the China company would not be able to see US data.

For the full article, and to find out how to set up Row Security on your install, please email

ERP Suites joins the ALLOut Partner Network

Ohio based ERP Suites is the latest JD Edwards services provider to join the ALLOut partner network.  Already experienced in JD Edwards security, ERP Suites has now added ALLOut to strengthen its portfolio of offerings to its consultancy and managed services customers.  ERP Suites was awarded the Oracle JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Award for 2017. The recognition comes as ERP Suites continue to deliver innovative products and solutions that simplify the engagement with ERP systems while leveraging technologies that embrace the digital transformation era.