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Spring Clean Your JDE Security and get back to peak fitness!

Over time there are frequently Users or Roles in your system that are no longer used, but they still have records associated with them.

Regular maintenance of your User and security tables will help keep your system streamlined and running at peak efficiency. In addition, keeping your User count low may have licensing impact with Oracle.

What you're really thinking about your audit, but won't ever say...

... or perhaps you will?!
"How is this going to be beneficial to me?"
"Here we go again, advice from people who don't know our business like me"
"This is going to be soooo time consuming"
"Checklist Craziness"
So why not get ahead of the game and run a DIY Audit first?

New European Partner

We are delighted to announce a pan European partnership with leading provider, Steltix.  Having recently been awarded an Oracle Distinguished Partner Award, and with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and South Africa, Steltix is ideally positioned to develop its security practice with ALLOut's Best of Breed toolset.

On Premise or On Cloud?

Don't confuse Cloud service offerings with Oracle Cloud!  Whilst 'Cloud' is the on point buzzword of today, are you looking at something simply available online/via the Web, or is it Oracle's cloud computing service itself?

Be assured that whether you are managing your security 'on premise' or via 'the Cloud', ALLOut works as well with either!  Fat client, thin client, online, on premise, our toolset will run on whatever your set up preference are.