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Whether you need something simple or you need to put several sets of information at your fingertips, E1 UDO functionality can empower you. But ensuring best practice authorization and security is essential.

The need for access management in JDE is not only critical to comply with an established access management program, but is good business practice. Your confidential data needs protection.

Did you know you can switch on your security logging in the JDE ini file?  (Enter 1).  Once it's turned on the F9312 table will provide audit logging.  But it tracks more than just sign on!  It wil

UDOs are personalized web-based objects that can be created by users to improve their JDE experience and reduce the requirement for developer involvement.

Do you want to have the smoothest ride in setting up and working with security in JDE? Done correctly, it doesn’t have to be confusing and hard to implement, regardless of whether you implement it before or after go-live.

Mitigating controls are never as desirable as an effective segregation of duties. But it is recognised that in some situations a breach may have to exist.

Whilst you get good standard security functionality in E1, it isn’t perfect. And when it comes down to security, you want perfect!

With the ALLOut toolset, if someone sets up a role assignment that creates a SOD violation, you are immediately going to get a warning?

Using E1 has never been easier than now with the new tools available with UDOs and even UX1.

  1. Identify your internal business processes
  2. Identify rules (or buy the ALLOut rule set)
  3. Identify conflicts (run ALLOut’s automated SOD reports)

49% of organisations globally said they’ve been a victim of fraud and economic crime.

Now that GDPR is in effect, companies will need to do regular internal audits to assess their compliance levels.