Product Overview

Set-up & maintenance of roles, user profiles and licensing can take up a lot of resource. How can you accelerate the process?

ProfilePlus is a set of easy to use tools that support setting up users at the click of a button, streamlined role allocation, automated clean-up and visibility to reasons for role assignment changes and captured approvals.


  • Increase efficiency with a one-stop-shop for user provisioning
  • Easily create roles offline and copy, paste straight to JDE
  • Simply enable approval controls for role assignments
  • Instant clean-up and rationalization of users, roles and security
  • Enhanced visibility of users to roles via simple reporting
  • Automatically upgrade data from older JDE versions (XE)

Key Features

FeaturesStandard JDEProfilePlus
User Management in a Grid
Role-to-User & SuperRole Assignments in a Grid
Mass Copying & Deleting
Management of inactive users
User Role Relationship Reporting

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