Product Overview

TRACE, our audit and monitoring solution, enables your Senior Management, IT Leaders and Auditors to have strong internal control over the Database Management System and keep an audit trail. With millions of changes taking place at a database level, how do you pinpoint your high-risk transactions to defeat vulnerabilities of misstatement or fraud? TRACE allows you to control changes on your system, no matter where your data is stored. From the IBM i to the Oracle database - we've got you covered!

Key Features

  • Detects and monitors the activity of users who circumvent access controls
  • Builds on standard database-level control functionality (journaling, triggers, DBAM, Redo logs)
  • Allows tracking of unexpected changes to critical data
  • Enables focus on "high-risk" transactions only for specific transaction file segment
  • Controls the volume of data, with encryption and purging available when necessary
  • Encrypted database file provides an effective query interface
  • Maintains system performance by capturing only targeted information by capturing only targeted information

How does it work?