DIY Audit for JD Edwards

Your Audit is scheduled, but – where to start and what to do?  Even – what questions will the Auditor be asking? 

The ALLOut DIY Audit gives you a clear set of guidelines as to what an Auditor is going to be looking for. And then – step by step – you can analyze your existing set-up and know where your vulnerabilities are. 

Typically, you may cover: 

  • Segregation of Duties (SOD) 

  • User and Security Cleanup 

  • Data Vulnerability Analysis 

  • Security Change Management 

  • Critical Process Access 

Whatever your compliance or operational needs, check out the ALLOut tools to support your initiative and put targeted information at your fingertips! 

The ALLOut Tutorials has detailed documentation and best practice information no matter what you choose to target.  Need more support, select a class from our comprehensive training catalog.

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