ALLOut’s ProfilePlusfor EnterpriseOne is a set of easy to use tools that will totally transform how you undertake your EnterpriseOne projects.

In today’s business climate you are continually under pressure to deliver projects on-time and within budget.  How can you do this while relying on resources that are stretched to the limit already?

ALLOut ProfilePlus takes activities that typically take weeks and delivers them in hours.

Security Set-up and Management

As with menus – setting up roles, users and role relationships often start with spreadsheets.  Once your spreadsheets are ready you can upload them in seconds.

Multiple Roles conversion (from “One User One Group” set-up)

In one grid you can see all profiles and their characteristics.  In a few clicks you can automatically convert Groups to Roles and mass allocate Users to Roles.  The program is a grid-based alternative to the standard P95921 Role Allocation Program.

Open to Closed

We have done more open to closed projects than anyone else – it is why we are called ALLOut

Application and Action code lock-down - ProjectPlus enables you to identify all objects a user needs to access and then lock your system using the *Public *ALL N lock.

We provide 2 alternative strategies –

  1. “Deny ALL” – global lock-down.
  2. “Deny Critical” based on the ALL Out standard SoD rules.

Segregation of Duties

Review the certified compliance rules supplied by ALL Out, customize them, run reports and prepare documentation covering mitigating controls.

Include risks and controls external to EnterpriseOne so you have one consolidated report – “SOX on a Spreadsheet”.

Exclusive to Inclusive Row Security conversion

Programmatically convert your existing Exclusive row security to Inclusive.  Run “net-effect” reports to show security for a user.  Resolve any overlaps or gaps.  Enable multiple roles for row security.

Clean-up Utilities

Scared of deleting profiles and security?  Project+ incorporates a family of utilities to identify redundant/unused/dormant profiles and security settings so that you can reduce the clutter in your system with confidence.

Automatic Set-up Utilities

A growing set of utilities that update standard JD Edwards files through easy to use interfaces that cut down on the time spend by System Administrators using the standard EnterpriseOne programs.