Risk Reporting

Many organisations still find their systems regularly compromised. Why is it so difficult for your security team to detect these breaches?  Your biggest challenge is probably having to sift through the volumes of security data and alerts you are inundated with. Yet security teams do have ways to detect security breaches early.  ALLOut’s Risk Reporting module will alert you continuously of potential breaches.

ALLOut bridges the gap between the array of security information available and the ability of the business to understand and use it.  Our reports are designed to give the nitty gritty detail plus also the summary that speaks to non-security executives, and is perfect for management sign-off!

SOD Rules - you have the option to use our Certified Segregation of Duties rules (SODMaster) or simply key in your own.

Automate your Audit – use Self Service, Work Flow or Document Management (eg. Formscape.)

Compliance reporting:

  • Base reports showing access and update authority
  • Segregation of duties rules and reports
  • Critical Process Lists and reports
  • Standard Certified SOD rules
  • Multi-platform reporting - SOX on a spreadsheet

Email hazel.jackson@alloutsecurity.com for a Product Brief or to arrange a demo.