ALLOut MenuPlus for EnterpriseOne is a set of easy to use tools that will totally transform the way you set-up and manage your menus. Typically, menus are set-up at the start of a project, very often by external consultants, and then remain unchanged in spite of significant changes that may take place in the way you use EnterpriseOne.

ALLOut MenuPlus enables you to review your menu structure quickly and easily and implement changes through a grid interface – eliminating the need to use the standard EnterpriseOne programs.  

  • Menu Filter (Fine Cut) in a Grid – load-up multiple roles into a grid, see the fine cut and apply changes directly to the standard EnterpriseOne file.
  • Security in a Grid – load-up multiple roles into a grid, see the security and see the exits.  Update security directly through the grid.
  • 950SuperGrid - Replaces the P00950 program – manage your security table directly through an easy to use grid interface.  And you can protect it using Action Code Security.

This is an excellent set of tools to export, import and manage menus in a grid.  Inserting, changing and deleting menu lines is now simplicity itself!