DIY Audit for JD Edwards

Your Audit is scheduled, but – where to start and what to do?  Even – what questions will the Auditor be asking?

The ALLOut DIY Audit gives you a clear set of guidelines as to what an Auditor is going to be looking for. And then – step by step – you can analyse your existing set-up and know where your vulnerabilities are.

Typically you will cover –

  • Segregation of Duties (SOD) - you need to know what SOD risks the auditors are likely to focus on – and you need to know if you have any exposure. The DIY audit will provide you with a comprehensive report on your set-up and if the exposure is high/medium/low risk.
  • Your profiles – are they redundant/dormant. When was the last sign-on? – maybe the user has left. Comprehensive reporting gives you the opportunity to clean everything up and then re-run the reports.
  • Security set-up, use of multiple roles – is it “best practice”, what change control do you have in place?
  • And because it is DIY – you get a chance to fix it – and re-run the reports. No embarrassing questions and no write-up. Get ahead of the game – get the fix before you get the pain!

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