For new JD Edwards security projects SecurityPlus is perfect for fine tuning your role based menus and security, especially the export to Excel feature as it enables your application team to review and resolve complex multiple role set-ups very easily.

For on-going maintenance SuperGrid is a great way of resolving common problems with both menus and security. 

How SuperGrid works


Review up to 20 roles at a time.

Menu filtering through a grid!

Import the menu structure for each role. You can see which role has access to which menu option. Make changes and update directly through the grid.

Exits – awesome!

Expand the grid to see the programs behind the exits.  Drill down as far as you need.


Import the Application and Action security from your standard security table.  Make any changes you need and then export back to the table.

Off-line review? Output the grid to a spreadsheet for review and sign-off.