Webinar: Solving your Security Problems
Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A vast majority of time spent on security in JDEdwards is not spent on processing day to day transactions. The significant effort required to solve security problems can often be a drain on those key resources that know your security and applications the best. We will discuss some of the security features in standard EnterpriseOne and in the ALLOut toolset that can quickly and easily solve key problems in areas such as those listed below. If you have a specific question you would like us to address in the webinar, email hazel@alloutsecurity.com and we will include it as a topic. As always, feel free to ask additional questions in this interactive session to find where key features and functions can help save you time daily!

i.Conflicting Security Roles Impairing User Access

ii.Moving from Open to Closed Security

iii.Understanding “What Changed” to support an Audit or to Trouble Shoot User Access

iv.Aligning UDO Security with Your Existing Security Roles

v.Managing Data Security Access