Setting up Security for a New Install

E1 is delivered with a set of standard roles and a standard menu structure (currently called Tasks and Task Views) - but with no security.

Best practice recommends that you create small process based roles and allocate a specific portion of the menu to each one. Not too difficult as your application team has an understanding of your internal business processes and you can use the roles and menus supplied as a starting point.

Your security should be “deny all” – no one can do anything unless there is a specific “Yes” setting. So your new roles will have a nice menu structure but none of the programs will actually work.

So your security project consists of creating the “Yes” settings for each role.

ALLOut SecurityPlus module has a comprehensive set of standard security settings, UBEs and grids that enable you to create the “Yes” settings automatically.

Once you have run these programs you can start testing your roles to make sure they meet your requirements.

Then with the ALLOut 3-way match process in our MenuPlus module, you will be able to make sure your roles, menus and security are all in synchronization.

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