Setting up Menus in a New System with Minimal Folders

Standard JDE E1 is delivered with a menu structure.  This is an excellent start to designing your own menus – unfortunately – the menus have lots of “Folders within Folders”.   

So when one of your users needs to find a program - they have to click through multiple layers of folders to get to the one they want. 

So Best Practice is to have shallow menus – just one layer of folders – “2 clicks gets you there”. 

The ALLOut solution is to export your menus to spreadsheet, re-structure them in Excel, and then re-import them into the easy to use ALLOut MenuPlus tool.  Bring information together on menu access of multiple roles assigned with CombiRoles.  If you want to start with pre-defined shallow menus, we can provide that with StartOut. 

Cut those clicks! 

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