Risk Management

Good business practice requires you to control, document, and secure critical processes. At the heart of an effective control environment is the identification of critical business processes and controlling potential conflicts between these processes – Segregation of Duties. You can spend a tremendous amount of time and money creating a totally secure environment, resolve all your SoD issues and, five minutes later, all the good work is undone when someone makes a change that results in a SoD breach.

You need a system that addresses the heart of the issue – ALLOut Risk Management.

You can use ALLOut Risk Management to create rules that represent segregation of duties issues between standard EnterpriseOne roles.  When roles are assigned to a user these rules are first checked to see if the assignment will create a conflict.

  • Advanced Audit Features – enables you to keep track of who authorizes role allocation and store a scanned copy of the authorization document.

  • Forbidden Role Combinations – enable you to stop a deliberate or accidental role allocation that will cause a SoD breach.

Works in all versions of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Xe through to 9.2.

Email hazel.jackson@alloutsecurity.com for a Product Brief or to arrange a demo.