Open to Closed in a live system

Going from Open to Closed in a live system is fraught with danger. One slip and you have completely locked your system so that no one can do anything. So – what to do? 

There is more than one way to achieve this but the fundamental approach is to create all the “Yes” settings you need so that, when you apply the *PUBLIC *ALL “No” setting, everything carries on as normal and your users do not know anything has changed. 

ALLOut SecurityPlus module has a comprehensive set of standard security settings, UBEs and grids that enable you to create the “Yes” settings automatically. Once these are in place you can transition from open to closed either one user at a time, switch all users in one go – or a combination of both – to enable a smooth and un-eventful cut-over.  The ALLOut Tutorials has detailed documentation and best practice information no matter what you choose.  Need more support, select a class from our comprehensive training catalog. 

ALLOut has completed more “open to closed” security projects than anyone else – it is why we are called “ALLOut”! Benefit – a much simpler security model and “Get those Auditors off your back!”

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