Spring Clean Your JDE Security and get back to peak fitness!

Over time there are frequently Users or Roles in your system that are no longer used, but they still have records associated with them.

Regular maintenance of your User and security tables will help keep your system streamlined and running at peak efficiency. In addition, keeping your User count low may have licensing impact with Oracle.

Selecting the Delete Options form exit from PDIS0953 (User and Role Maintenance Screen) brings you to an interactive screen where you are able to define all of the records associated with a profile for purging. This is a great way to quickly purge the security records for selected or all Users, Roles, or *Groups that you have already identified as not being used without indadvertently leaving records in some tables or having to manage each set of information separately

Over time ‘duplicate’ security records may be created in the security table. These ‘duplicate’ records can be considered redundant or unnecessary due to the nature of the E1 security hierarchy. For exampleaccess to a Program or Version of a Program (including Data Selections and Processing Options) can be granted at the User, Role and/or *Public level.

A interactive application (PDIS0150) is provided which will identify these security records. Once highlighted this Program can also remove these records from the F00950. To access this functionality, select the Run UBE to delete duplicate Security from the ‘Security’ tab of the ‘Projects’ screen in the ALLOut toolset.  We highly recommend you run this in proof mode first.

Your Spring clean should also look to delete Form Security Replicated at the Program Level, Version Security Replicated at the Program Level and Deleting User Security Replicated at the Role or Xe *Group Level.

These are a few steps in your regular security “Spring Cleaning” that we can help with.  If you would like to learn more about these and other options, email hazel.jackson@alloutsecurity.com