JD Edwards Licence Audit - Under or Over?

Optimization and prevention are the two main benefits of running an internal audit. But it’s confusing. There is a proliferation of potentially confusing licensing metrics in your agreements, which have made entitlement tracking considerably more difficult. It’s important to understand what your licencing fees is based on and be able to track and report on those metrics internally.

Licence Over-run Exposure?
Checking your SKU usage and user counts to ensure your compliant.

Unsure of Licence Status?
Being under-licensed can bring with it hefty costs as well as even heftier fines, while being over-licensed suggests precious IT budget has been wasted.

Avoid a Knee-Jerk Response to your Audit.
IT departments scarcely have the time and resource to properly track and optimize software licenses…. We understand that.

No Spare Time?
The impact of an audit on a business can be enormous in terms of the time taken away from normal trading activities.

Your organization is ever-changing
New employees may be given access to software they may not need, nor ever use. Or when an employee leaves, their access may not be revoked. Time for a review!

ALLOut’s Software Audit Consulting Service will explore every opportunity to minimize your commercial exposure and organisational risk.

Whether you have been given notification of an impending Oracle audit or not, it’s critical that you pre-emptively address potential licencing compliance breaches, minimising the risk of an expensive pay out.

ALLOut can provide an in-depth, relevant and experience-backed 2-day consulting service to help you protect your company from software licencing compliance risks. Our experienced software licence audit consultants help you avoid paying potentially thousands of dollars in licence non-compliance penalties. And most certainly be prepared for any external Audit!