Feeling the Risk in an Oracle Licensing Audit

How much risk do you want to take on an Oracle License Audit? Oracle identifies each customer’s pricing model by looking at any existing contract – if this a legacy license, then they will try to convince you to migrate to one of their pricing models.

How Oracle determines usage is a ‘trade secret’. There are, however, some methods that can be used, by you, to preemptively establish usage including reviewing user activity and/or potential activity within JD Edwards.

Some tricks to be on a better negotiating position

  • Security Permissions – all users with security permission records that allow them to potentially carry out transactions within the respective modules.
  • Transactions – all users that have carried out transactions within a module.
  • Object Tracking – perform an object usage tracking analysis to determine the frequency that objects are being used within a path code.

Regardless of which method is used, it is good practice that prior to any licensing audit a user review should be carried out – once this user review is complete, any obsolete, redundant or unused profiles on the system should be removed.

This way you are aware of your entire ‘user license footprint’ and will, at the very least, be in a better negotiating position when it comes to your Oracle License Audit.

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