Audit History Reporting in JD EnterpriseOne (JDE)

Did you know you can switch on your security logging in the JDE ini file?  (Enter 1). 

Once it's turned on the F9312 table will provide audit logging.  But it tracks more than just sign on!  It will also track changes to:

  • your JDE security table
  • JDE role relationships
  • JDE roles & users
  • SOD rules & critical process lists

Use ALLOut's Security History Audit Reporting so that you can see who did what when, using what program. This displays changes made from both ALLOut programs as well as standard JDE screens. Let us help you easily not only track the data from changes but also turn that data into information in reporting and then targeted information in summary reporting as our tools walk you through the report process. You can use it to support mitigating controls, provide auditors with data samples or to support the effectiveness of you change management process to list just a few options.

  • What has changed?
  • Have unauthorized changes occurred?
  • Who has been making modifications?
  • What programs are being used for changes?