Guidelines for Setting up Row Security in a New or Existing Site

Row security – Type 4 – is used to control the data that you want your users to access.  Its name derives from the rows in a spreadsheet. You set it up using ranges that represent companies or branches or plants etc. 

Ranges – you have to be careful of mixing letters and numbers as the number sequence includes letters – eg 0 to 9 is just that. But the next value after 9 is not 10 but “a”. So, after 9 you get all the letters and then all the symbols – and then you get 10. 

Standard E1 – roles and role sequence numbers.  Multiple roles does not work for row security and so you need to create a role for each range (eg a company) – and then you have to create more roles for each combination of ranges (companies) for users that need to see multiple ones. It can get very messy! 

ALLOut Roles Within Roles – you can use this feature to define each range in a role. You can then use the “Roles within Roles” feature to combine multiple roles together and allocate the “SuperRole” to the user. 

We have customers who have licensed the CombiRoles module just for this feature – it is very powerful.

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