Creating Process Based Roles for a New Install or Roll-Out

In standard E1 you can create roles, assign each one a sub-set of the standard Task View (using Menu Filtering) and allocate the required security. 

You can then allocate one or more roles to a user. When a user signs on using *ALL roles they see a consolidated menu structure and a consolidated security. 

Users change, processes don’t. 

So, if you create small process based roles – when your user requirements change you can add or subtract roles – no need to change security. 

When set-up correctly, the functionality is very powerful. 

Using ALLOut we provide you with the ability to create roles and then allocate the required menu structure and security through a grid format that enables you to line up multiple roles side by side and see what they can see (menu) and do (security). 

Typically, your Applications Leads will have a good idea of the roles that are required and the tasks on the menu that each role requires. 

ALLOut can then help by generating the security that is required.  We can also help by providing a set of standard roles that can make a good starting point.

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