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COLLABORATE sessions on JDE Security not to be missed!

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Exclusive & Inclusive Row Security

Row security in JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne (E1) is used to protect the data in tables from being viewed and/or updated by unauthorized users. There are two strategies for implementing Row security (Exclusive or Inclusive). While Exclusive can be used to “Manage Exceptions” and the E1 installation defaults to this setting, Inclusive is considered the stronger method for effectively managing data security for a true closed system and to ensure a more painless audit.

The strategy for managing data security is a system setting so one method of the other must be selected and Exclusive is considered the industry standard.

Spring Clean Your JDE Security and get back to peak fitness!

Over time there are frequently Users or Roles in your system that are no longer used, but they still have records associated with them.

Regular maintenance of your User and security tables will help keep your system streamlined and running at peak efficiency. In addition, keeping your User count low may have licensing impact with Oracle.

What you're really thinking about your audit, but won't ever say...

... or perhaps you will?!
"How is this going to be beneficial to me?"
"Here we go again, advice from people who don't know our business like me"
"This is going to be soooo time consuming"
"Checklist Craziness"
So why not get ahead of the game and run a DIY Audit first?

ALLOut and brij refresh their partnership

We are thrilled to be working closely with brij this year, with our recent partnership refresh.  An Oracle Platinum Partner, brij has strong, proven project and practice leadership in the JD Edwards space.  Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, brij also has an office in Pittsburgh.  We look forward to working on some new marketing initiatives with brij this year.