Compliance Reporting

You - and your auditors - will want to see meaningful reports on your staff's access to programmes and potential conflicts of interest. Whilst there is no reporting on security in standard JD Edwards, the ALLOut Risk Reporting module allows you to run standard and customisable reports to suit all your internal clients, whether a top line summary for management sign off or in depth access reports for security control activity.  The main focus is meaningful reports for everybody.

Business Managers will need to see if there are any security breaches within their team by quickly seeing who has access to what, and who can update what. Any Segregation of Duties (SoD) problems can immediately be addressed, not only pleasing the auditors, but ensuring your business remains secure. If you have any mitigating circumstances which cause a breach, you can also manually add in a control for individual circumstances, which show management and audit what the breach is authorised and has other controls in place for security.

Using ALLOut Risk Reporting, you are effectively conducting your own DIY Audit!

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